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How To Reduce Plastic Pollution In 8 Simple Ways

How to Reduce Plastic Pollution in 8 Simple Ways

8 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Plastic Pollution

At the heart of the world’s pollution problem is the massive amount of plastic being wasted every day. While we might think that the plastic we discard is being thrown “away”, in fact; plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose. To put that in perspective,  if the infamous Henry the VIII (inventor of divorce), had thrown away a piece of plastic during his reign, it would still be at least another 500 years before it decomposed.

What’s the Result of Plastic Pollution?

There’s almost too much to mention in terms of the negative impact of plastic pollution; so here’s a short and simple explanation of part of the problem:

As plastic enters an ecosystem, whether that’s in the ocean or elsewhere, so does its chemical toxicity. This can not only directly harm and deplete the population of those creatures at the bottom of the food chain, but it can even affect the health of humans. For example, when eating a nice piece of fish, there’s a good chance you might also be consuming microplastics.

Simple Steps You Can Take To Reduce Plastic Pollution

How can you help to reduce plastic pollution? Of course, recycling is one way to help, but on its own, it’s not enough. So here are eight simple ways to reduce your personal plastic usage, and subsequently: overall plastic pollution.

use bar soap to reduce plastic pollution

1  |   Use Bar Soap Instead of Liquid Soap

Most bar soaps are packaged in paper and cardboard, whereas liquid soap comes in a plastic container.

use a bamboo toothbrush to reduce plastic pollution

2  |   Purchase Bamboo Tooth Brushes

Almost all mainstream toothbrushes are made of plastic. Bamboo toothbrushes are a sustainable, plastic-free alternative.

use tote bags to reduce plastic pollution

3  |   Bring a Tote Bag When Shopping

Whenever you go shopping, bring a tote bag as an alternative to single-use plastic bags. You’ll reduce your plastic usage and cut down on those 5 cent charges, too!

use cloth produce bags to reduce plastic pollution

4  |   Bring Your Own Produce Bags

Most grocery stores provide their own plastic produce bags, and if you’re not bringing your own reusable bag; you’re wasting plastic every time you purchase.

reusable metal straws

5  |   Invest in a Reusable Straw

Nowadays it’s easy to find a retractable metal straw to replace all those plastic ones you use. And when you skip single-use straws, you’re directly helping to save the turtles, too!

reusable food containers

6  |   Take Your Containers to Dinner

If you’re one of those lucky people who’s able to resist eating your entire meal when you’re out to eat, consider bringing storage containers as a reusable alternative to plastic take out containers.

buy food in bulk

7  |   Order and Purchase in Bulk

Buying in bulk reduces the amount of plastic packaging. So, if your product isn’t prone to going bad, don’t hesitate to stock up!

powdered detergent

8  |   Choose Powder Dish Soap

As you know, liquid dish soap is packaged in plastic. Picking powder is another way to help reduce your usage.

Find Your Own Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution

When it comes to reducing plastic pollution, it’s as simple as choosing plastic-free alternatives. As you can see from our list, there’s almost always a way to cut down on plastic packaging. Whenever you’re about to use or purchase something that involves plastic, just simply stop and say; “is there a better way?” With just a little practice, you’ll be a full-blown anti-waste warrior soon enough. Learn more: other wonderful ways to go plastic free.

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