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5 Awesome Sustainability Stories to Inspire You

5 Awesome Sustainability Stories to Inspire You

sustainability stories, live oaks

Five Fab Sustainability Stories

We’re always on the lookout for sustainability stories about people who are changing their world and saving the planet. We’ve talked before about how small steps can have a big impact, and these sustainability stories show that philosophy in action. Whether it’s taking time during your exercise routine to beautify your community or reinventing an entire industry to make it more sustainable, these stories get to the heart of what we’re focused on here at GiveBody:

1  |  “Plogging” is Catching On

sustainability stories, ploggingWhat on earth is “plogging”? While it may not be a household term just yet, this practice is on the rise. Plogging is, to put it simply, picking up litter while on your daily jog. This is the latest sustainability story from Sweden, where Erik Ahlström decided to do something about litter while getting his exercise.

The term combines the Swedish words “plocka” (picking up) and “jogga” (jogging), and it’s quickly spreading across the globe. Who knows, maybe plogging will be the next big Scandinavian trend to come to America!

2  |  Fashion Goes Green

sustainability stories in fashionSustainability stories even include the fashion industry. It’s embracing cutting-edge green technology in surprising ways. The fashion of tomorrow is looking greener and more eco-friendly than ever.

H&M using recycled scraps from production processes. Uniqlo is using laser cutting to reduce water use. And other companies are developing new materials made from unique plant materials. There are initiatives to spin yarn out of field waste from flax, banana, and pineapple plantations. Other companies are even making textiles from mushrooms and algae.

3  |  Building an Eco-Friendly Space for the Community

sustainability stories in architectureWe’ve talked about green building, and we’re already seeing sustainability stories design in action. Take the expansion of Montreal’s Dollard-des-Ormeaux Community Centre, for example.

Not only does this space use green materials and technologies like geothermal climate control to cut down on environmental waste, but it also allows the center to serve even more members of its community! Sustainable, community-driven spaces like this are great for both the planet and their nearby communities.

4  |  Reinventing Agriculture for the Future

sustainability stories in agricultureAnother sustainability story involves the world’s food supply. Agriculture is directly affected by climate change. Many of the most important crops in the world, including coffee and bananas, are under threat due to the changing environment. In Guadeloupe, farmers are trying to future-proof the banana harvest by switching to a new variety and cutting down on pesticides that can ruin crops.

Sustainability stories also include the coffee industry. Roasters like Counter Culture are building relationships with growers and finding ways to reduce their environmental impact. They’re also striving to improve bean quality and promote fair trade practices. Of course, this all may mean that the cup of coffee you’ll be drinking or the bananas you buy at the grocery store may be much different in the next twenty or thirty years.

5  |  “Michelin-Starred Compost” Cuts Down on Restaurant Waste

sustainability stories in restaurantsSustainability stories in the restaurant industry? Unfortunately, restaurants produce a lot of food waste on their way to the perfect plate. A lot of that waste ends up in landfills. In London, an entrepreneur has decided to do something about that food waste. He started Indie Ecology in 2011, which collects scraps and waste from restaurants (including several Michelin-starred kitchens) and composts them for use on his 10-acre farm.

Not only does he grow food from restaurant scraps, but he also provides vegetables to the same restaurants! This inspiring story shows how sustainable practices and food service can easily go hand in hand.

Sustainability Stories to Inspire All of Us

Everywhere we look, we’re finding sustainability stories of people, places, and industries going green. And we’re excited to be part of the change to sustainable practices, products, and communities. Is there an inspirational story you’d like to share? Get in touch with us on social media!

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