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How To Get The Best Results With Essential Oils

How to Get the Best Results with Essential Oils

Best Results with Essential Oils

In recent years, a growing number of consumers have moved away from products packed with synthetic chemicals. More people consider the products they’re wearing, and using in their skincare routines. As a result, interest in getting the best results with essential oils has grown exponentially. This makes sense, considering how versatile these plant-based oils are as part of a health and beauty routine.

Many consumers have questions about how to get the best results with essential oils. For example, are certain oils strictly for aromatherapy, or can they all be used topically? In addition, how do I know the essential oils I’m using are made of high-quality materials? And what are some of the properties of different essential oils? In the process of developing our all-natural skincare products, we’ve asked the same questions. And we are happy to share what we’ve learned.

Can All Essential Oils Be Used Topically?

A lot of people ask if all essential oils can be used topically. Many of us use essential oil diffusers in our homes, which use these oils for aromatherapy. However, can those same oils be used in skincare products to derive the same benefits? The answer to this question varies depending on several factors. The level of concentration and purity of an essential oil are both major considerations.

Some oils, such as helichrysum, lavender, and chamomile are considered “neat” oils, meaning they can be applied topically without dilution. Many others have topical benefits in very small doses. At too high a dose they cause skin irritation, sensitization, or phototoxicity (extreme sunlight sensitivity). Because of this, you will usually need to combine essential oils with neutral carrier oils before applying them to your skin.

best essential oils, helichrysum lavender chamomile

Helichrysum, Lavander, and Chamomile

How Do I Know I’m Getting All Essential Oil Benefits?

The question of potency is another important consideration. Many consumers are unsure about the amount of essential oil they need to use to get the full benefits. Others may wonder whether the essential oil-based products they’re using are actually making a difference. Both are important questions to ask. You want to use skincare products offering the best results with essential oils.

In many cases, this process can be one of trial and error. One method that may be beneficial is to make a list of areas you’d like to address. Next, look for essential oils and products that that may help with specific skincare issues. For example, if you’re looking to reduce acne and skin irritation, try a facial cleanser or rinse that uses copaiba oil or neroli oil. Determine which properties provide the greatest benefit to you.

best results essential oils, neroli and copaiba

Neroli and Copaiba

Are All Essential Oils the Same?

As more consumers realize the benefits of essential oils, many companies are bringing these oils to the market. With the rapid growth in available products, you may have concerns about the purity of some of these essential oils. There are several ways to make sure you’re purchasing high-quality, effective essential oils. Buy organic, “unsprayed,” or “wildcrafted” oils to help ensure that you’re not using oils loaded with pesticide residue. Check the label for the botanical name of the plant from which the essential oil was derived.

If you’re more interested in products that incorporate these essential oils, many of these same guidelines apply. Organic, all-natural skincare products should clearly list their ingredients.  Many small and locally-owned brands inform customers of sourcing practices and ingredients. Knowing exactly what your essential oils and other skincare products contain is an excellent way to get the best results from these products.

Use Essential Oils for Best Results

Essential oils can be a great addition to your skincare and beauty routine. But just like any part of a routine, it’s worth taking some time to really learn about the potential benefits and proper use of these plant-based extracts. Ensure that you’re using essential oils and products for your particular skincare routine, benefit your body, and help you look and feel your best.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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