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Let’s focus on your health and the health of our environment.

reduce plastic pollution, save the Earth

How to Reduce Plastic Pollution in 8 Simple Ways

8 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Plastic Pollution At the heart of the world’s pollution problem is the massive amount of plastic being wasted every…

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very best all-natural lotion ingredients, woman smiling

3 of the Very Best All-Natural Lotion Ingredients

Three of the Best All-Natural Lotion Ingredients Why are the very best all-natural lotion ingredients so important to know? First of all; lotion is essential…

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silhouette of man at sunrise, best all-natural moisturizer ingredients

The Very Best All-Natural Moisturizer Ingredients

The Very Best All-Natural Moisturizer Ingredients Artificial moisturizers can provide short-lived relief from dryness, but can rarely create lasting beneficial impacts on your skin and…

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best natural moisturizers, man touching face

The 3 Best Natural Skin Moisturizers from Powerful Plant Oils

Are These Oils the Best Natural Skin Moisturizers? Maintaining fabulous-looking skin requires using the best natural skin moisturizers. Today, people are learning to embrace their…

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small business sustainability success, new plant shoots

Small Business Sustainability Success Makes Dollars & Sense

Small Business Sustainability Success Small business sustainability success is rapidly impacting markets. Recently, the term “sustainable business” didn’t even exist. At least, not in making…

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sustainability stories, line of live oaks in Charleston, SC

5 Awesome Sustainability Stories to Inspire You

Five Fab Sustainability Stories We’re always on the lookout for sustainability stories about people who are changing their world and saving the planet. We’ve talked…

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build a better all-natural lotion, hand pointed to natural pool of water

How to Build a Better All Natural Lotion

Building a Better All Natural Lotion We made a wish list of what the perfect everyday moisturizer would be when we were formulating our all…

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all natural moisturizers, muscular man in ocean

All Natural Moisturizers to Give Back to Your Body

All Natural Moisturizers to Give Back to Your Body At GiveBody we’re in love with the real ingredients that go into our all natural moisturizers.…

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best natural skin products, hydrating waterfall

Best Natural Products for Skin Hydration

Best Natural Products for Skin to Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate At GiveBody we’re working to combat a lot of things like excessive packaging, plastic waste, harsh…

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best green ideas lagom lifestyle, indoor plants

The Best Green Ideas for a Lagom Lifestyle

Great Green Ideas for a Lagom Lifestyle If you look for green ideas for your home on design blogs or in lifestyle magazines chances are…

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latest green technology changing the world, modern wind turbine lit in a dark sky

The Latest Green Technology Changing Your World

What's the Latest Green Technology? Emerging technologies have already had a major impact on the way we live, work, and utilize our public spaces. However,…

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green technology, outdoor faucet dripping

Exciting Green Technology Improving the World

The Green Technology Shaping the Future Even if you’re making eco-conscious decisions in your day-to-day life, you may wonder about your environmental impact. Can one…

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environmentally-friendly products green plan, hand pushing back foliage

Make Environmentally-Friendly Products Your Green Plan

A Green Plan & Environmentally-Friendly Products Think for a minute of what you do to maintain your health. You eat your veggies. You do an…

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ways sustainable living future, man swimming in nature

4 Silly Simple Ways Sustainable Living Is the Future

Why Sustainable Living Is The Future If you’re focusing on “going green” and finding ways to reduce your environmental impact, you’ve probably come across the…

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7 things to know, essential oils, hands using oil dispenser

7 Things You Need to Know About Essential Oils

7 Essentials on Essential Oils You may already be familiar with some of the benefits of essential oils. And if you’re a skincare aficionado, you…

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best carrier oils for perfect skin, beautiful woman smiling

The Best Carrier Oils Perfect For Skin Care

Carrier Oils Perfect for your Skin We recently took a look at some of our favorite natural oils like avocado and jojoba oil. In that…

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natural oils for best skin, man in winter weather

Natural Oils to Get the Best Skin of Your Life

Using Natural Oils for Best Skin Results While we’ve explored some of our favorite essential oils in a previous article, there are so many more…

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skin health check, man on beach

Skin Health Check: What You Need to Know

Skin Health Check Can Save Your Life Understanding skincare ingredients that you use every day is certainly important. However, an actual skin health check goes…

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