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The Best Plant Butters To Nourish Skin Beautifully

The Best Plant Butters to Nourish Skin Beautifully

Skin Nourishing Plant Butters

Many of our favorite nourishing skincare products use one or more plant butters to moisturize, soothe, and protect skin. Plant butters are derived from seed pods, nuts, and other parts of plants from around the world. Plant butters contain high levels of fatty acids that make them ideal for use in skincare products. Used to soothe, protect, and nourish skin, Plant butters are used on their own or incorporated into other beauty or skincare products.

It’s easy to find skincare and beauty products that use a variety of plant butters. However, learning about what benefits those butters provide can be more difficult. Different skin types need different care, and the same plant butter may not provide the same benefits to everyone. We’ve gathered information on some of our favorite and most-used plant butters to help you understand the benefits of each kind of butter. Using that knowledge, you can pick the ones that are best for your skin:

1 |  Cocoa Butter

plant butter, cocoaBecause it’s one of the most commonly used plant butters, many people are already familiar with the benefits of cocoa butter. It’s packed with Vitamin E, which makes it incredibly nourishing for the skin. It also contains naturally-occurring antioxidants. Products containing cocoa butter are usually very easy to identify thanks to this plant butter’s light chocolatey scent. While cocoa butter is extremely nourishing and hydrating, it’s likely not ideal for acne-prone skin.

2 |  Mango Butter

plant butter, mango seedMango butter is not as widely known as cocoa butter, but that may change as more people find out about its benefits! This plant butter comes from mango seeds, which are cold-pressed to extract the butter itself. Mango butter is loaded with oleic acid, which makes it effective on rough, cracked skin. It’s already being used in many nourishing skincare products, particularly those that help with cracked, dry skin. It’s also very popular in lip balms due to its light, fruity scent.

3 |  Shea Butter

plant butter, shea nutsShea butter is another widely-used plant butter, appearing in many lotions and other skincare products. There are many good reasons for that. Not only is it packed with Vitamins A, E, and F, but it also contains collagen and provides sun protection. Shea butter ncan be mixed with other butters for use in a variety of skincare products. There are actually two different varieties of shea butter. Both come from the seeds of African shea trees, but eastern shea butter has a much softer, creamier texture.

4 |  Kokum Butter

plant butter, kokumIf you’ve ever made your own lotions or other skincare products at home, you may already be familiar with kokum butter. This plant butter comes from the seeds of mangosteen trees, and is frequently used to thicken natural skincare products. Its dry, flaky texture means it’s not the best plant butter to use on its own, but mixing it with another butter can bring out its antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has a very high melting point, making it great for stabilizing products like deodorant or soap!

5 |  Hemp Butter

plant butter, hemp seedWhile hemp seed oil has been widely used in skincare products for many years, hemp seed butter is a relatively new plant butter. Unlike many of the other plant butters on this list, it’s usually a combination of hemp seed oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil. This allows for better absorption of hemp seed oil’s nutrients, including amino acids and proteins that help rejuvenate, nourish, and protect the skin. It can also soothe irritation and works with both dry and oily skin.

6 |  Cupuacu Butter

plant butter, cupuacuFor many readers, cupuacu butter may be the least-known plant butter on this list. It’s only been used in North America for a few years, although it has a long history of use in skincare and beauty products in its native South America. This plant butter comes from the seed pods of the cupuacu tree, which is a close relative of cacao. It has similar properties as cocoa butter, but an even stronger chocolate scent and more powerful moisturizing properties.

Plant Butters Soothe & Protect

These are some of our favorite plant butters, but we’ve barely scratched the surface. There are countless exotic and commonly-used plant butters that you can incorporate into your skincare routine to beautifully nourish, soothe, and protect your skin.

Main photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash

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